Literature, Language and Humanities

Literature, Language and Humanities welcomes writers, thinkers, and dreamers of all stripes. Through our degree programs, we teach students to read, to reflect, to imagine, and to create. Major in English or Creative Writing, and make space for infinite possibilities: explore global literatures in English, see the world through the eyes of poets, plumb the depths of your own soul.

“ world has become one of infinite possibilities." -Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man


Why Literature, Language and Humanities?

There is no life, no career, and no world untouched or unimproved by reading and writing.

From prose to poetry, stage to screen, fiction to graphic novels, and scholarship to script writing, students learn to read texts critically and construct texts creatively as they hone their literacies in oral, textual, and visual communication. Students take these skills beyond the major and the academy well into their lives as citizens and into their work and careers.

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