Latin American Studies Minor

Latin American Studies Minor Requirements and Course Descriptions Humanities and Cultural Studies

The Latin American studies minor at Dominican University of California is an interdisciplinary program in the humanities introducing students to Latin American perspectives on history, geography, literature, politics, and art. Rather than reduce the complexities of Latin America to broad overviews, the minor seeks to concentrate student studies on significant areas, periods, issues, movements, and individuals. 

A fluency in Spanish is recommended to bolster student engagement of materials and subjects of the Latin American studies minor. Dominican offers a study abroad option for minors in Latin American studies.

Internships and Study Abroad

Latino-focused internships including: Latino Film Festival of the San Francisco Bay Area, Youth and Video Project of the Latino Film Festival, Latino Canal Ministries, Canal Outreach are incorporated into the minor. Study abroad options are available through Dominican University of California Center for International Programs.


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