BA in Education Studies

Graduate with a broad range of knowledge and skills specifically designed for people who want to be teachers with 21st Century abilities that translate to many occupations. Develop valuable critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills that are an asset in any of today's diverse workplaces.

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BA in Education Studies: Integrated Teacher Education Program and Credential

If you already know that you want to be an elementary school teacher, or if you’re looking for a rigorous, interdisciplinary academic major, the four-year integrated teacher preparation program, leading to both a BA and a Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, may be perfect for you.

Integrated Multiple Subject Teacher Education Program

In just four years, this major leads to both a BA in Education Studies degree (formerly known as Liberal Studies) and a Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential. So, soon after graduation, you’ll be ready to step into the classroom and start teaching. For the past three years, all of our past graduates obtained a teaching job after graduating and we know you can too.

This integrated teacher education program and BA in Education Studies allows you to take classes in Art, Music, Psychology, Math, English, History, Drama, Health and Wellness, Physical Education, and Science depending on your chosen focus.

Program Purpose

The BA in Education Studies Teacher Preparation Program is an interdisciplinary major that prepares students to teach in elementary schools. This program integrates subject matter and professional preparation in a way that is connected and congruent. Starting in Freshmen year, steps in the program are integrated throughout from subject matter and pedagogy to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) and fieldwork in local elementary schools. Courses are drawn from multiple disciplines and provide students with a deep understanding of the subject matter they will teach: Reading, Language & Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Social Science, Visual & Performing Arts, and Human Development.

Students observe and participate in local elementary schools each semester and engage in weekly seminars that integrate theory and practice, subject matter knowledge, assessment, and pedagogy. This means that from their first semester in the program, students are engaged in the content, theory, and practice of teaching and reaching diverse learners. Mentoring, advisement, and guided field experiences direct students toward successful completion of a 15-week student teaching placement at a public elementary school during senior year. Our program strives to provide intellectual tools, professional experiences, and reflective conversations that enable students to make a difference as teachers in a diverse world.

Why Dominican

Our Education Studies Teacher Preparation Program is a leading-edge academic program and accredited school that has been recognized as exemplary by the CTC. We are the only private university with a four-year degree and integrated teacher training program in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our classes have been specifically designed with the K-6 California Content Standards in mind, making for a progressive, challenging, engaging, and inspiring program. To make learning active and interesting, you'll be learning both through active collaboration with partners and small groups, online, and in the field as part of fieldwork team.

Curriculum and Course Sequence

Education Studies Teacher Preparation Program coursework includes a comprehensive curriculum. View the full list of classes here.

Study Abroad: Global Education

Students in the Education Studies Program have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester and take a required course during the summer. Students interested in the semester-long Teaching & Study Abroad Program design a program with our Global Education Office that is best for them. Finland is a great option, as it is the number #1 country for education in the world and our students have great experiences at the university and in Finnish elementary classrooms. Other Study Abroad options have included immersion in the culture of Bali and Thailand. Each summer, the faculty lead chooses a country on which to focus. 

“I was deeply impacted by each and every experience, from small interactions with shopkeepers to long lasting connections and memories. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot throughout my life, but I have never been so immersed in a culture, and I have never taken so much time to learn and understand the culture of the country I was in. I know that this positive experience will shape the way that I travel for the rest of my life. I also know that after this experience, I will have a new outlook on things, learning from the lessons I had while I was here. There are things that I can take with me into the classroom and more importantly things that will follow me in my everyday personal life.” Zoe Pearl, summer Explorations in Equity student

Mentors & Advisors

As part of the Dominican Experience, each student is assigned a Faculty Advisor, Integrative Coach, and a Peer Mentor.

Integrative Coach

Peer Mentors

Teaching & Learning Center

Degree-only Program

If you earn a BA in Education Studies (formerly Liberal Studies), you will be prepared for many professions as well as graduate studies. With a multi-disciplinary education, you will graduate with a broad range of knowledge and skills that successfully translate to many occupations. You will develop valuable critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills that are an asset in any workplace. You'll learn to be a team player and a leader and will be prepared to work alongside education professionals in the field.

Request more info, visit us to learn more about this integrated teacher training program. Already interested? Apply now to get registered and accepted into the program.