What is Signature Work?

Signature work is the original research, writing, or work of art you complete in college. Senior capstone projects and theses are types of signature work.

How do I decide what my signature work will be?

You have a network of professors and mentors to help you craft your signature work.

Avni studied the effects of decreased pH on intertidal shore crabs.

Jack analyzed the use of social media in a presidential election.

Megan examined teaching strategies for including special needs students in the elementary school classroom.

Jesse created his own style of dance.

What happens to my signature work when it’s done?

In your senior year, you will present your work at Dominican’s annual Scholarly and Creative Works Conference and publish it in our digital repository, Dominican Scholar. Dominican student work is downloaded all over the world. Need proof? Here’s a world map showing student work downloads for just one day


Why is Signature Work part of the Dominican Experience?




73% of employers think college students should be required to complete a significant applied learning project (source).


85% of employers rank oral communication, like that demonstrated through a conference presentation, as a priority in hiring recent college graduates (source).

Senior capstone projects can boost your learning and other gains like personal and social development by 77% (source).

Performing original research with a faculty member can boost your learning and other gains like personal and social development by 81% (source).

The arts, sciences, education, and business depend on new ideas to make progress. Start early by making a contribution to your field now.

How do I get started?

Go to class. Talk to your professors. Ask a lot of questions. You’ll find the right one, and you’ll hit the library, the lab, the community, the easel, or the dance floor to answer it.