Women, Leadership & Philanthropy Council

The Women, Leadership and Philanthropy Council of Dominican (WLPC) invites you to join us in developing women leaders whose vision, energy and contribution will make a significant impact within organizations, families and society as a whole.

WLPC members at an Institute for Leadership Studies reception in honor of author, Arianna Huffington

WLPC is a wonderful place to converse with a diverse group of thought leaders who seek to engage and broaden our understanding of new practices and ideas.

Susan Dickson
President, WLPC


Inspiring women to Lead, Collaborate, and Contribute. We strive to empower women leaders to effect change through their collective philanthropic efforts at Dominican.

Guiding Principles

  • We leverage our combined experience to advocate for balanced representation of women in leadership and philanthropic roles in organizations and society.
  • We educate people to become better leaders and philanthropists to effect positive change.
  • We model and teach philanthropic, collaborative and inclusive leadership to engage our community of women.
  • We coach and mentor upcoming generations to become educated, philanthropic leaders others will follow and who encourage diverse representation at all levels of leadership. 

As a member, you will learn about what it means to be a philanthropic leader. With unique access to inspiring women leaders from the University and the broader Bay Area, we'll work to expand women’s leadership in business, education, non-profit organizations, philanthropy and the arts.

WLPC Projects

A powerful ethics-based leadership development program, hosted by Dominican for undergraduate students from leading universities.

A public forum, created by Dominican’s Institute for Leadership Studies in partnership with Book Passage, featuring noted authors such as Caroline Kennedy, Gloria Steinem, and Arianna Huffington, who inspire socially relevant discussions and calls to action.

We collaborate with community organizations such as Marin Women's Commission and Speak to Me Events to expand our reach within Marin County and support activities that align with our mission. 

We encourage involvement with local non-profits through volunteer projects.

See calendar for details.