University Facts

Here you will find our University Factbook: an overview about the students who attend Dominican. The “Current Student Snapshot” provides a high-level overview, whereas all other data provides a more comprehensive look at who our students are and what they study, as well as their persistence and completion rates.

A Guide to Using University Facts

  • From the items listed below, select the filters from the drop-down menus or click on the buttons for various student attributes to drill-down on data within each section. The data may take a few seconds to load. If it does not load, appears off-center or is incomplete, use the small "Refresh" button near the top-left of each panel, to re-load it properly. For confidentiality reasons, totals of less than 10 students are not shown. This means you may see an incomplete result when you drill down. 
  • Racial/Ethnic categories are based on IPEDs definitions.
  • For Persistence and Completion rates: Members of the cohort for each entry term are counted as of the Fall Reporting Date for that group’s first term.

The Common Data Set (CDS) is a collaboration between data providers in the education community and publishers. The goal of this collaboration is to provide quality and accurate information to all those involved in a student’s transition into higher education. Download Dominican's most recent Common Data Set (CDS), as submitted to the College Board and other public data recipients.

The CDS is organized around 10 topics:

  • General information
  • Enrollment and persistence
  • First-time, first-year admission
  • Transfer admission
  • Academic offerings and policies
  • Student life
  • Annual expenses
  • Financial aid
  • Instructional faculty and class size
  • Degrees conferred

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