Healthcare Leadership: Why Earning an MBA Will Help Advance Your Career

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Earn your MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Leadership to advance your career in healthcare administration and make a significant difference in patient care and the quality of healthcare operations.
Benefits of enrolling in Dominican University of California's Masters in Business Administration program include the opportunity to enter a rewarding career field, earn a higher salary, network, and meet colleagues from all over the San Francisco Bay Area — all while working toward the goal of helping people live long and healthy lives. 
View the top five reasons to gain valuable strategic leadership skills through earning your MBA, summarized below.

  1. Career growth
    You work in healthcare. You want to grow your career. But how? Earning your MBA can help open up doors and opportunities. Consider a career as a hospital administrator or an executive at a healthcare facility. Understanding healthcare analytics, IT, operations and management, thinking strategically, and developing your leadership skills, all in the context of healthcare, will help you get there.
  2. Higher salary potential
    You want to earn more and want to feel more valued. With a concentration in healthcare leadership, you will be even more valuable. You will gain a broader understanding of how healthcare organizations work and why they make the decisions they do. This knowledge will help work cross-functionally with other teams and departments to understand their priorities and limitations, work with executives on strategic and long term planning, and build your portfolio with new projects and skills. With this deep understanding of business, it will provide you with more confidence and leverage as you negotiate your salary or ask for that promotion and raise.
  3. Networking
    You want to learn more about the healthcare field. Perhaps you want to be a project manager at a pharmaceutical company, healthcare administrator, or work for a non-profit committed to keeping the community healthy. Figuring out what you want to do can be challenging and we all know networking is one of the most effective ways to find new opportunities. 

    Earning your MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Leadership will provide an opportunity to meet and network with experts in the field. Connected faculty, industry experts, guest speakers, and access to alumni will help introduce you to the right people as you explore areas in healthcare and hone in on where your interests lie.
  4. Industry change
    You are an experienced professional and you’d like to shift industries, but you don’t know anything about healthcare. Earning your MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Leadership will give you an understanding of how healthcare organizations operate and work to improve the health of their clients. You will understand why pharmaceutical companies make the decisions they do, and how hospital and medical facilities aim to provide high quality care for patients. This insight will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to shift industries.
  5. Why healthcare?
    Two reasons: 1) With all of the uncertainty in the world and the current economy, one thing remains constant. Healthcare is a growing industry, especially now. There is a need for healthcare professionals, leaders, strategic thinkers, and for people with a broad understanding and knowledge of the industry. 2) Healthcare is an extremely rewarding career field. It is a career of helping people live long and healthy lives. 

Earning your MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Leadership will provide you with a rewarding career in the growing healthcare industry. At Dominican University of California, we offer a flexible hybrid program that is suited to your schedule. There isn’t a better opportunity than now to take the next step in your career!
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Courtney Budesa is the Director of Internships and Professional Development at Dominican's Barowsky School of Business and an Integrative Coach at Dominican University of California. 

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