Education Studies

The Education Studies - Teacher Preparation Program is a multidisciplinary major for students interested in teaching in elementary schools. We integrate a variety of perspectives from humanities, science, mathematics, social science, and pedagogy. Our program will equip you to make a difference - not just as a teacher, but also as a member of society.

If you already know that you want to be an elementary school teacher, or if you’re looking for a rigorous, interdisciplinary academic major, the blended Education Studies plus Teacher Preparation program is right for you.

Liberal Studies Group

"Dominican's teaching program prepared me for the foundational aspects of teaching, such as lesson and unit planning, using assessment to inform instruction, understanding state standards, and meeting the needs of all learners. It also, however, enlightened me about the importance of anti-racist curriculum, inclusivity, and teachers' self-care. In a national climate that often makes education a challenging path to pursue, this program armed me with the tools and insight to feel confident in my ability to affect positive change through my role as an educator." -Jenae Casalnuovo

Education Studies - Teacher Preparation Programs