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Dr. Franco Vicino

Director, Executive Education & Consulting Services

Institute for Leadership Studies

Barowsky School of Business

P: 415.482.2480


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Executive Education

Businesses and organizations are much like individuals—those that constantly add new skills, hone existing competencies, and boldly adapt to new market realities are the ones that succeed. Whether you’re an independent professional wishing to enhance your skills, a business owner or executive with entire teams to train, or you need an honest, accurate assessment of your company’s strategy and practices, Dominican’s Executive Education is your go-to partner.


"Dominican’s Leadership course has taught me to think, act and respond differently to everyone around me. It made me a better leader at work but also at home and as a high school football coach. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be a strong and respected leader."

– Joe Murphy, Area Manager, WBE Inc.

Our programs and services include:

Executive Programs include a 9-session Leadership Certificate, and research-based courses in sales and coaching.

Custom Programs can include anything from tailored, on-site versions of our leadership, sales and coaching programs to special courses and seminars we develop exclusively for your business.

Consulting Services can help you evaluate your market, your people, and your corporate culture and devise actionable plans for addressing your most pressing business needs and seizing your most promising opportunities.


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