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Clubs and organizations at Dominican are supported by the ASDU and the Student Activity Fee. A variety of inclusive, diverse clubs as well as entertaining events, both on and off campus are sponsored by our clubs. All students are welcomed to join a club or start a new club.


Inter-Club Council (ICC)

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) works with student clubs, ASDU, faculty, and staff to promote and unify student clubs on campus. We hope to create an environment for all clubs to collaborate on activities and share resources so that every event is successful. One of the club requirements is to send a representative to all ICC general assembly meetings to keep up-to-date with policies, funding requests, events, and ASDU.

All clubs, new or existing, must complete the ICC Club and Organization Registration Form.

You can refer to the ICC Guidelines if you are have questions about anything related to the ICC.

ICC General Assembly Meetings will be held bi-monthly in Legacy Hall of Edgehill Mansion. If you are the ICC Representative for your club you must attend these meetings to be eligible for active club status and for event funding. If you are interested in joining clubs or starting a club, you should also attend to meet other club leaders and find out more about ICC.

Contact Matteo Kraftsow, Director of the Inter-Club Council, if you have any questions or need additional information about clubs on campus: You may also contact Lauren Castro, the Director of Student Activities and Leadership, if you have ideas or want to discuss your options regarding creating or joining clubs:

ICC General Assembly

The ICC General Assembly is charged with dispensing ICC funding from ASDU to all clubs who wish to request money for events in an equitable and unbiased manner. The ICC General Assembly members include: Director of ICC, one ICC representative from each recognized club, and the Director of Student Activities and Leadership. Funding proposals must be submitted to the Director of ICC at least three weeks prior to the club event or activity in order to be reviewed and a club representative must present the proposal to the ICC in order to be eligible for funding.

You can check out the ICC Funding Proposal Packet for more information on how to request club funding.

ICC Club Forms

Download club forms here.

ICC Room Reservation Form

ICC Intramurals/Athletic Clubs Waiver

ICC Emergency Contact Form

ICC Emergency Services Information


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