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Admission Requirements

Admission to the Adult Degree Completion Program requires a minimum of 30 transferable credits. Please consult the admission requirements below for complete details.


Admission Requirements

1. Demonstration of six years of post high school work experience, which may include time spent at home as a family caregiver

2. Certification of high school completion (or equivalent) on Application for Admissions

3. Demonstration of a minimum of 30 transferable credits included the following General Education (GE) coursework*: 

    • Expository Writing (Freshman English) (3 units)
    • Speech (3 units)
    • Science (with or without a lab) (3 units)
    • Social Science (3 units)
    • Creative Arts (3 units) 

4. Online Application for Admissions form

5. Official college transcript(s). This includes transcripts from corporate and military courses recommended by the American Council on Education and the National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction. 

6. Demonstration of a minimum transfer GPA of 2.0.

*Candidates who have not completed the requisite number of units are encouraged to meet with our ADC advisors to select appropriate courses to be completed at a community college in preparation for transfer to Dominican. 


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