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Emergency Notification

In the event of an emergency, the most recently broadcasted alert will be automatically posted below. Refresh browser for latest updates to appear (control + f5 on PC, or command, shift R on most mac browsers).

Additional Information


December 11, 2014, 4:00 pm

The heavy storm affecting the Bay Area is expected to subside by Friday morning. The University will be open Friday, but we are aware that localized flooding and mudslides may affect your ability to get to campus. Use your best judgment and put safety above any other considerations. Associate VPAA, Mojgan Behmand, and Registrar, Marianne Stickel, have already been in touch with all faculty who have finals scheduled for Friday. Students should contact faculty directly with questions about exams. The Nursing Pinning Ceremony, originally scheduled for Thursday, December 11, will now be held on Saturday, December 13, at 5:30 pm in Angelico Hall. Faculty Forum and the Holiday Party will continue as scheduled.

December 11, 2014, 8:05 am

The Marin County Sheriff has requested no driving in the county due to the storm.  We have subsequently made the decision to close campus.  We will work on campus with essential personnel to make sure students are safe and have meals, and to minimize damage to campus.  Meanwhile, stay safe and dry, and we will provide updates about the status of the University as conditions warrant.


About the Storm from the City of San Rafael:

The National Weather Service has issued a high wind and flash flood warning for Thursday. Heavy rainfall is expected throughout the Bay Area, especially in the North Bay. The volume of rainfall is expected to overwhelm waterways and roadway drainage systems, leading to flash flooding. High winds around 40 MPH are expected, with gusts up to 60 MPH.

Heavy rain and strong winds could uproot trees, down power lines, and cause flooding and mudslides. The Department of Public Works will be on hand for emergency operations starting at 3 a.m. Thursday morning. In addition, emergency contractors will be available to assist with incidents.

The storm will create very difficult driving conditions. Please consider your trips wisely. Sand and/or sand bags are available at all San Rafael Fire Stations and the Terra Linda Community Center parking lot (see below). Clearing storm drains of leaves and other debris will help keep the storm water flowing where it belongs.

Please take the following precautions:
In case of electrical outages, be sure that you have working flashlights available. Make sure you have extra batteries.
Charge your cell phones and other electronic devices.
Make sure you have plenty of food in your house.
If you can stay home on Thursday, please do. If you need to travel, please plan your trips prudently.
Please register your phone numbers and e-mail addresses at and This will allow you to receive public safety alerts by phone, text and e-mail.

Drive Safely
It can be very dangerous driving in the wet weather. The CHP advises...
Please allow extra time for travel... a wet roadway is not the place to make up lost time. Drive with extra caution.
Freeways will often flood nearest to the roadway edges, especially on elevated roadways with walls on both sides. Avoid the outside lanes, especially at night.
Never drive through standing water. You never know how deep the water is, and what may be lurking beneath the surface.
The primary method of avoiding collisions during severe weather is to slow down. Slower speeds prevent hydroplaning, which often leads to crashes. Extra following distance will also help if someone crashes ahead.
Whenever your windshield wipers are on, your headlights should be as well. Often, vehicles are not visible without head and taillights.
Prepare your vehicle now. Replace windshield wipers if necessary; check your brakes and your fluids. The worst time to break down is during heavy weather. Towing services are usually overwhelmed with collisions, and response times are delayed.
If you experience an emergency on the freeway, call 9-1-1 from your mobile phone. Please be aware that CHP response times are often delayed due to the high volume of calls. If you experience a minor collision, please move out of the roadway as soon as possible to prevent secondary collisions and to keep our Bay Area roadways moving!

Important Phone Numbers
Emergency 9-1-1
Emergency Information Hotline 485-5070
To report flooding in San Rafael 485-3375 or 485-3355
American Red Cross (Marin) 721-2365
CalTrans Highway Conditions 800-427-7623
Pacific Gas & Electric 800-743-5000
NWS 24-jour Weather Information Line 831-656-1725

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