Robert Bellah addresses Dominican audience

An appreciative Angelico Hall crowd heard Robert Bellah, considered the greatest living sociologist of religion, speak on February 9 at Dominican University of California.

His appearance is part of Dominican’s Institute for Leadership Studies’ 2012 Spring Lecture Series. Bellah’s lecture was presented in cooperation with Dominican's Big History program and the Department of Religion and Philosophy.Robert Bellah

In his book Religion in Human Revolution, Bellah probes into the biological past, explaining the developed amazing cultural capacities in evolution: Ritual, great religious narratives of self understanding, and now science, where, as Einstein noted, "the universe is comprehensible." Bellah offers a forbidden theory of the origin of religion that goes deep into evolution, especially cultural evolution. He highlights the path taken and illuminates the way forward.

The 2011-12 Leadership Lecture Series is sponsored by Private Ocean, the Marin-based wealth management company.
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