Alumnus promoted to new executive position with LinkedIn

Newly promoted at LinkedIn, where he began working as an intern between his junior and senior year, Jake Bernstein ’15 continues to draw on the skills he developed at Dominican.

In his new role as Mid Market Account Executive in Linked Learning, Jake is relying on the time management and business skills he developed as a student-athlete at Dominican.

“It’s incredibly important to own my calendar and ensure the things I need to get done are accomplished on a daily/weekly/monthly basis,” says Jake, who graduated from the Barowsky School of Business.

“With a full load of classes, athletics, social desires, and teachers that truly held us accountable, I developed an ability to manage many things at once, while still accomplishing, and ideally exceeding expectations. In addition, the various group projects that were core to business classes really set me up well to work with a diverse group of people.”

Jake joined LinkedIn the summer of 2014 when a three-month internship evolved into a full-time job.

“I was up against candidates from around the country, including students from several Ivy League schools,” Jake recalls. “But I felt very comfortable as I went into my onsite interviews after talking with my professors about how to position myself as a candidate for the job.”

Throughout the internship, Jake met senior leadership from throughout the company, learning from their experiences and listening to their advice.

“One of the values at LinkedIn is that relationships matter. So, I made a point of embracing everyone I met as somebody who could help me in the future, and vice versa,” Jake says. “I built strong relationships that I keep today.”

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Jake, who came to Dominican from the International Community School in Kirkland, WA to play lacrosse, has progressed at LinkedIn from Sales Representative to Senior Sales Rep to Small Market Account Executive to Mid Market Account Executive in less than 2.5 years. By consistently overachieving his quota in sales, while also providing leadership and leverage to those around him on his team and in his organization, Jake was promoted this month to his new job. His responsibility now within the LinkedIn Learning Division is to bring new business to enterprise organizations.

At LinkedIn, Jake has not only strived to succeed individually, but he has focused on having a positive impact on those around, including his brother, Cody Bernstein ’16, who also was recently promoted to an account executive in LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions Division. That team effort mentality is something that was inbred in Jake on the field and in the classroom at Dominican.

“My professors really cared about me and about what I was doing. They helped me get internships and they helped to guide me in the right direction,” Jake says. “I cannot thank them enough for giving me opportunities.”


July 17, 2018