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Video editor: Mischa Hedges, Dominican GreenMBA student '11

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Brown and Whitman Handshake


California governor candidates meet in heated debate

With the stakes—and tempers—running high, Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown clashed on issues both substantive and scandalous in the final debate of the hard-fought and closely watched California governor’s race on Tuesday night. (New York Times, October 13, 2010)


Meg Whitman at Dominican (News Releases)


Much heat, little light in final debate between Whitman and Brown

Those who tuned in to Tuesday night's third and final debate in the hard-fought battle for California governor learned at least one thing about the candidates: These two people really don't like each other. (Washington Post, October 13, 2010)


Governor Jerry Brown (News Releases)


Whitman and Brown's final debate a contentious one

In a blistering final debate, Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown apologized to his Republican counterpart Meg Whitman on Tuesday for a slur directed at her by an associate, an apology that Whitman did not explicitly accept as she cast his campaign as insulting to all Californians. (Los Angeles Times, October 13, 2010)

Angelico Hall Debate Night


Live Blog: Whitman-Brown California gubernatorial debate

California’s Meg and Jerry Show could get personal tonight. In the final debate in the high-profile gubernatorial race in California, both Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown will likely be asked to address the questions of private conduct that have dogged both of them in recent weeks. (Wall Street Journal, October 13, 2010)

Press Releases

Capacity crowd, statewide audience watches Debate

AARP announces sponsorship of Governor's Debate

In Ticketing to provide eco-friendly tickets

Autodesk sponsors Governor's Debate

KQED to carry live statewide radio broadcast

Dominican extends lottery for Governor's Debate tickets

Dominican launches new website to inform and engage community

NBC News' Tom Brokaw to moderate California Governor's Debate

Dominican invites leading candidates to California Governor’s Debate

Dominican plans to host 2010 California Governor’s Debate

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NBC video recording of the Debate at Dominican

MSNBC commentary on the debate, October 13

NBC Bay Area commentary on the debate, October 13

Dominican University of California pre-debate commercial

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Pre-Debate Buzz by Mischa Hedges

Students Excited for the Debate by Mischa Hedges

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Behind the Scenes by Collaborative Influence

Governor's Debate Heating Up by Collaborative Influence

California Governor's Debate by Collaborative Influence

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