College Debate 2016 welcomes Voispot as partner

Voispot (Vois), a live-streaming voice/chat conversation app for mobile devices, has joined Dominican University of California’s College Debate 2016. Vois allows a host and the host’s guests to join together in public or private, real time, participatory discussions with live audiences through voice and chat conversation.

The goal of Dominican’s College Debate 2016 is to identify and discuss the issues that matter to young voters nationwide utilizing the latest technology. The Vois app will provide live-streaming, interactive communication, and the ability to expand the conversation among students in any location with cell or WiFi.

Delegate training will be held June 1-3, when delegates from around the country will gather at the Dominican campus to learn how to organize issue-focused events and outreach. They also will be trained to use the Vois app in their outreach.

Delegates return in September for focused discussion on national issues. The culminating event will be a Town Hall meeting, which will be streamed live to watch gatherings at the delegates’ home campuses across the country. The Town Hall will result in a memo to the moderators of the 2016 Presidential Debates, containing questions for the candidates.

Vois joins a growing list of College Debate 16 higher education and technology partners, including the Association of American Colleges & Universities; Bringing Theory to Practice; Project Pericles; Campus Compact; Imagining America; The Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation; The American Democracy Project; NASPA; the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement; The Washington Center; Voispot; Illinois State University School of Communication’s new Social Media Analytics and Command Center (SMACC); Generation Citizen; The Andrew Goodman Foundation; and IGNITE.


March 29, 2016