Summer camp volleyball coach's goal focused on Italy

As a volleyball player for the Penguins and a volleyball coach in the Dominican Sports Camps this summer, Alexa LoGiudice is a defensive-minded specialist whose first priority is to successfully receive service.

However, as a double major in International Business in the Barowsky School of Business and Political Science and an administrative assistant in Dominican’s Honors Program, Alexa is focusing on a future that is geared toward giving service, preferably in Italy after she recently earned dual citizenship. She has been working at an internship with Tony’s Fine Foods in Sacramento to learn the import/export food business.

“I have lived a multicultural life; listening to the Italian language as a young girl, and seeing firsthand how the Italian’s live their high-spirited lives, I have been inspired to want to be completely involved in my culture in every way possible. So, why not do business with them,” Alexa says. “My family and I took it upon ourselves to get our dual-citizenship because Italians can be quite stubborn and prefer to only do business with other Italians. It’s a respect thing. So, with a lot of paperwork and persistence, I became an Italian citizen. So when the day comes that I am a distributor of goods and services between the United States and Italia, perhaps I may be at an advantage.”

At 5-foot-2, Alexa is also looking for advantages in volleyball and thinks her height can inspire younger players. She has been coaching 12-year-olds at the Marin Juniors Volleyball Club and will now have the opportunity to coach children ages 7-12 in the Dominican Sports Camps, which opened June 15.

A record number of more than 830 children are anticipated to participate in this year’s day camps offering basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, lacrosse, tennis, non-contact flag football and multi-sports options. The goal of Dominican Sports Camps is to foster learning in a fun, sports-oriented atmosphere where children can gain self-confidence and self-esteem in a climate of teamwork and fair play.


Alexa started coaching volleyball in the Conlan Center on June 22.

“The community of San Rafael has been so welcoming during my time at Dominican. It is my home away from home,” Alexa says. “When my volleyball season ended last season, I wanted to give back to the community. Coaching the kids at the sports camps will be another great opportunity for me to give back. Not only will I be coaching participants in my home gym, which is a special environment for me because of all the hard work my teammates and I put in the gym during season, but it will be another blessing for me to be impacted by so many passionate kids.”

Seeking the opportunity to compete at the NCAA Division II level, Alexa was recruited to Dominican by Penguins volleyball coach Gayle Stammer. Alexa arrived at Dominican from St. Francis High School where she won multiple academic scholarships and awards, including Barack Obama’s Presidents Award for Educational Excellence.

“Dominican reminds me of my high school, very close knit,” Alexa says. “The student/teacher bonds at Dominican are very special because of how well everyone knows each other.”

During her freshmen year, Alexa decided to add Political Science in the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences as a major with a concentration in international relations because it corresponds with business abroad.

“Obviously, there are foreign policies that the business markets adhere to whether it’s due to government or private and international business regulations. Learning about the history of Italian international relations is important as far as understanding the mindset of the people as well as the culture of the business community and its etiquette,” Alexa explains. “Both my majors complement each other well, and I know they will set me up for success.”

Success in Alexa’s eyes is first graduating with honors. Last semester she was inducted into the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society. Her long-term goal is to travel abroad and either play volleyball or work and start her own business, preferably in Italy or Sicily where her grandparents were born and raised.

“I want to explore the world and learn about as many cultures and foods as possible,” Alexa says. “Of course I hope to begin my business adventure with my importing and exporting business in Italy, and eventually buy a house on the Amalfi Coast.”


June 15, 2015