Undergrads research highlighted at 29th NCUR

Veronica Gomez, one of 22 Dominican students who presented at the 29th Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at Eastern Washington University April 16-18, stayed up late to fine tune her senior project.

“I go to sleep with ESPN SportsCenter every night,” Veronica says. “I love sports so much I wanted to include that in my thesis.”

Veronica’s presentation at NCUR – “Does Someone’s Personality Determine Their Favorite Sport?” – was inspired by her desire to study and determine how a woman’s interest in sports can be communicated and perceived.

“There are other younger and older women who are as passionate as me about sports, but they don’t know if it’s OK to talk about it. That lends to the stereotypical perception that women don’t like sports,” says Veronica, a psychology major in the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences with a minor in Leadership Studies who plans to apply for medical school with a focus on clinical psychology after graduation in May. “I like to test and challenge stereotypes.”

A former high school soccer player, Veronica used a Big Five Trait questionnaire with 82 participants to determine whether extroverts liked team sports and introverts liked individual sports.  The purpose was to align personality traits of individuals to determine their favorite sport.

“I discovered that being an extrovert or introvert does not determine one’s favorite sport. However, I did discover two different things that I was not expecting: neuroticism can determine whether someone plays/watches sports or not, and agreeableness can be determined when comparing those who are over and under 30 years old,” Veronica says. “Although I did not get the answer I was looking for, I am satisfied that my study was able to prove that a part of one’s personality can determine their favorite sport.”

Joining Veronica as Dominican presenters at NCUR this year were Matthew Comandante,  Stephen Dalton, Fiona Hall-Rouloac, Britanny Lyons, Annabelle Maginnis,  Shaylin Ortega, Aiyana Ross-Beck, Danica Skoric, Jacqueline Streur, Kylie Walsh, Gabrielle Heppe, Liang Somers, Victor Chan, Stacy Ditta, Adam Santiago, Matthew Erbst, Shermaine Bautista, Stephanie Fonseco, Toria Pena, Shaylin Oretga, and Taylor Rose Helphrey.

NCUR is an interdisciplinary conference where students representing universities and colleges from all around the United States, and internationally, will present their research and creative works in oral, poster and performance/visual arts presentations.

The mission of NCUR is to promote undergraduate research scholarship and creative activity done in partnership with faculty or other mentors as a vital component of higher education.

In 2014, Dominican sent 27 presenters and co-presenters to NCUR at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. With approximately 4,200 students and faculty members, it was the largest ever NCUR in the then 28-year history of the event.


April 13, 2015