Student-athletes score with medical school acceptance

Ian Lancaster ’14 and Jordan Rode ’14 both came to Dominican at the same time as soccer players and Biological Sciences majors, formed a strong friendship, and in the fall of 2016 they at the same time both entered medical school.

Having been student-athletes at Dominican, both discovered in the process of interviewing for med schools that their ability to balance and manage their academic and athletic pursuits was well regarded as they progressed through the School of Health and Natural Sciences.

“I found that being a student-athlete was incredibly unique, and an attribute looked highly upon by medical schools. As far as I could tell, it showed that I was able to take criticism in stride and correct the issue quickly without feeling personally attacked,” says Jordan, who is attending the University of California Davis School of Medicine.

“Another aspect pointed out to me during interviews is that I gained experience with diverse backgrounds of people. From teammates, to opposing teams, referees, community events, and supporting faculty I formed many relationships with certain expectations. Learning professionalism in the setting of a simple game was new to me and has helped me to be laid back yet professional in appropriate situations.”

Ian, who is attending the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences, also credits relationship building on and off the field for laying a solid foundation at Dominican.

“The professors I had, especially in my junior and senior years, challenged me and set high expectations because of the aspirations that I had. Their support and encouragement helped me learn how to prepare for my MCAT and gave tools to help with my transition into medical school,” Ian says. “And with certain students in my class, and Jordan in particular, we pushed and challenged each other to be our academic best.”

Said Jordan:  “Ian and I were really our biggest critics and most influential supporters. We both had teachers who helped us, but when it came down to it, we made friendly competition out of every class and every exam.”

Ian came to Dominican from Fargo, N.D. He was a member of the Tri-Beta Honor Society and Gamma Sigma Epsilon Honor Society. He interned as a researcher with Sirona Fuels, Inc. and worked as a caregiver for Right At Home for clients with dementia and Parkinson’s disease. He is currently employed as patient care technician at Essentia Health. On June 26, Ian married Dominican alumna Lia Wycoff ’12 and MBA ‘13.

Jordan is from Arcata, CA. He was selected for the Kaiser Permanente Scholars and Mentors program at Dominican. After graduation, Jordan studied the evolution of drug resistance in malaria from infant children in Uganda with Dominican biologist Dr. Roland Cooper during a federally-funded research project at Tororo District Hospital. He is currently working for ScribeAmerica, a company that recruits, trains and manages medical scribes to hospitals nationwide to provide clinical documentation solutions.

“Dominican is a unique environment. Teachers are very personally involved in our evolution as students and adults,” Jordan says. “I have developed personal relationships with many of them who have helped me along the way and, to this day, are still invested in my future. Dominican was very special. When I finished up at school, I realized that becoming a physician was exactly right for me, which is why I have been working as a medical scribe and staying close to healthcare.”


July 12, 2016