Student-athlete majoring in psychology ready to launch social networking app

When he arrived at Dominican as a student-athlete, Seth Turner ’17 decided to major in psychology because he wanted to learn more about people interacting with each other and the social dynamics that go into that. Now that goal has inspired him to develop a social networking application.

Seth plans to launch the app – called We‘Up – sometime in March of 2017. It is designed with college students in mind and aimed to connect them, via multiple social media platforms, to hype local private and public events.

“It’s essentially a dating app for house parties, giving Hosts a megaphone to reach out to people,” says Seth, a standout player on the Penguins basketball team who was limited to playing in only five games this season because of a back injury.

“I’m really betting on college kids wanting an alternative to the ways they hear about social events in their area. I think We’Up can not only boost the college community, but also consistently answer the question of `What are we doing tonight’?”

Seth’s interest in social media and digital marketing piqued when he first moved to the Bay Area and was exposed to the Silicon Valley. “The tech influence ignited my desire to create, opening my eyes to the possibilities and resources available,” he says.

Last summer, Seth interned at Vonage in its New Jersey headquarters. Vonage provides cloud communications services for consumers and businesses.

“I was in a rotational program, so I did one month in digital marketing, one month in corporate strategy, and the last month shadowing the CEO,” Seth explains.

Seth is taking another course – Personal Mastery – at Learning as Leadership, an executive coaching organization. He was interning as part of his psychology field placement, all the while starting and contributing to the Penguins’ men’s basketball team before he was hurt.

Between his basketball, internship, app, and working with Psychology professor Ian Madfes on his senior thesis – The Psychological Bases for Different Patterns of Social Media Use – Seth is busy developing multiple life skills and relationships to carry him beyond Dominican. He also realizes how beneficial it is for him to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is ripe with business opportunities. He is currently interning with Nexmo Communications, a tech company in San Francisco owned by Vonage. Seth recently represented Nexmo at a sales kick off conference (SKO) in London.

 “Being a psychology major at Dominican has helped me open doors and explore other things,” Seth says. “It comes back to being a people person and communicating with people.”


November 30, 2016