Student-athlete became all-around team player on campus

In her four years at Dominican, Carly Holboke '17 earned a reputation as a standout on the basketball court as well as in the classroom. She served in a number of roles at the University, from athletics, to human resources, to a social media intern for College Debate 2016.

A business administration major in the Barowsky School of Business with a minor in leadership, Carly was in San Diego September 30 through October 2, 2015 to oversee the Pacific West Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee as its president. When she returned she resumed her role as co-captain of the Penguins’ women’s basketball team

In between, as the social media intern for Dominican's College Debate 16, Carly attended the final Presidential Debate in Las Vegas on October 19, 2016.

“Whatever I try to do, I try to do with all of my ability,” said Carly, now project manager at Dibble & Dibble in Novato. “I hope when people look at me they see me as a passionate person and someone who is really proud to be a Dominican student who represented the University well.”

Carly’s inspiration for being so involved at Dominican came from an abundance of friends, such as Jessy Marshall ’16 and Carly’s roommate Melissa Stoakley ’17, as well as the administrative staff and coaches in the athletics department, and professors including Dr. Christopher Leeds.

“Dr. Leeds has been a phenomenal mentor for me,” says Carly, who made the Dean’s List for six consecutive semesters. “He was extremely supportive and helpful with my academic career, my future career, and with athletics. He will definitely be receiving grateful emails from me for the next 30 years or so.”

Carly, who first started interning as a digital marketing intern with Craford Benefit Consultants, aimed to utilize her marketing and leadership skills in online advertisement or a management field where, she said, “I have the power to create some good in the world.” As the president of the PacWest’s and Dominican’s student-athlete advisory committee, Carly is also intrigued with a possible career in athletic administration.

“It’s who I am as a person to get out,  get involved, and take advantage of as many opportunities as I could while at Dominican,” Carly said. “That’s an innate quality that I have.”


September 27, 2016