Occupational Therapy program thriving, expanding partnerships

The reach of Dominican’s Occupational Therapy continues to grow with its graduate students conducting fieldwork from Australia to Tanzania and completing placements at Stanford, UC San Diego, UCSF, Kaiser, the California Pacific Medical Center, and Children’s Hospital in Oakland.

Nearly 50 Department of Occupational Therapy graduate students are involved in hands-on training and have multiple fieldwork assignments. They are benefiting from the program’s low ratio of students-to-supervisors.

One such example is the expanded partnership with the Schurig Center, in which student interns are working alongside a licensed occupational therapist treating brain injury recovery patients.

“The students can learn almost one-on-one with a seasoned Occupational Therapist,” says Dr. Kitsum Li, assistant professor in the OT Department. “Schurig’s OT is a unique and committed program that OT students in other schools will not be exposed to.”

In the past, with Dominican OT faculty supervision, OT students completed summer internships at Schurig Center. The new arrangement will allow more Dominican graduate students to participate year-round in the internship. In addition, by working side-by-side with a licensed professional OT therapist, students will have greater access working with patients who are not covered by Medicare or have exhausted medical coverage.

“We are providing community service at a cost that is affordable to those in need,” Dr. Li says. “This is a new model that’s going to attract a lot of patients.”


February 9, 2017