Networking, internship inspire alumna to BioMarin position

What began as a networking conversation after a business class two years ago has evolved into a full-time position for Gina Musillami ’16 at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. BioMarin is a world leader in developing and commercializing innovative biopharmaceuticals for rare diseases by genetic causes.

A transfer student into the Barowsky School of Business, Gina was attending a seminar on the Dominican campus featuring Ed Von Pervieux, BioMarin Vice President and Chief Information Officer. She stayed afterward and asked Von Pervieux if they could connect on LinkedIn. When Gina soon after spotted a project management internship being offered at BioMarin, she contacted Von Pervieux and he encouraged her to apply.

The timing was perfect.

“I needed to transition into positions that were going to provide the experience and skills to begin a successful career in project management/process improvement,” Gina says. “That internship experience was the first of many aha moments for me at Dominican, where I knew working at a mid-size/large organization was something I wanted to pursue. I was narrowing my focus of things that were important in a career.”

Prior to Dominican, Gina had served as a recreation manager and co-owned and operated a competitive softball organization in the Sacramento area. She was satisfied with her current situation, yet longed to be in a corporate position.

“At the time I was happy with where I was,” Gina says. “Then I realized that although I was doing something I was passionate about and fun, I would never achieve the career or success  I longed for without a degree. Dominican was absolutely the perfect spot for me.”

Gina said her professors embraced her independent style and guided her. She thrived in Tom Cavanagh’s leadership classes and found an advocate/mentor in business professor Mona Sabuco.

“She has been a constant source of support and my biggest cheerleader through my time at Dominican,” Gina says.

It was through Sabuco’s Exploring World Business class that Gina became connected with BioMarin, first through the internship,  then again this past May when she was hired as a Project Coordinator in Development Sciences Process Improvement.

“My long term career goal is to be in business strategy,” Gina says “BioMarin is fantastic. I would love to work my way up to a strategy position here. I like challenges and the constant innovation.”


July 1, 2016