Joshua Demitro Named 2006-2007 McGowan Scholar

Dominican University of California junior Joshua Demitro is the 2006-2007 winner of the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded annually to recognize outstanding academic achievement and leadership among students in Dominican’s School of Business, Education, and Leadership. Joshua is studying for a degree in business administration.

Joshua graduated from Sir Francis Drake High School in San Anselmo in 1999.  During high school he started working part time at San Domenico High School and upon graduation began working fulltime at San Domenico High School in the technology department.  He currently is the associate director of technology at San Domenico High School.

Joshua is active in the Dominican University of California Business Association.  This is a student led group that helps Dominican business students with professional development.

The William G. McGowan Charitable Fund was established to give financial assistance to those organizations and causes that reflect the vision, concerns and experiences of its founder, William G. McGowan.  Mr. McGowan organized MCI Communications Corporation in 1968.  From then until his death in 1992, Mr. McGowan led MCI and the telecommunications industry in the application of new technologies and the creation of innovative services.  He also introduced the spirit of competition into what had previously been a closed monopolistic telecommunications industry.