MBA Open House helps county employee to pursue dream job

Upon advice from fellow County of Marin employees and following an Open House on campus, 36-year-old Daniel Cruz Solis enrolled in Dominican’s MBA program eager to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.

“I want to open a center that teaches young people how to start sustainable businesses focused on environmental justice and social justice,” says Daniel, who is a visitation supervisor in Children and Family Services for Marin County.

In Dominican’s MBA program in the Barowsky School of Business (BSB), Daniel is seeking to leverage the skills he's developed in program organization and management, while developing his leadership and entrepreneurial talents. He graduated from San Francisco State with degree in Child and Youth Development, and worked with community focused nonprofits such as Huckleberry Youth programs, Homeward Bound of Marin, and Project Homeless Connect in San Francisco.

However, during a two-year trip to South America, Daniel realized he needed to take his education “to next step.” He wanted his career to revolve around social work, inspired by his generous and child-rearing grandmother in Honduras.

‘”That’s sort of my niche where I seem to connect and work very well with people,” he says.

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From the time Daniel began working as a support service worker for the County of Marin, he contemplated how to further his education. He also listened to Mike Cosby '16 MBA, Daniel’s former supervisor at Bay Area Community Resources in San Rafael.

“When you work in Marin you get to see and know and learn from the leaders who have come up through the ranks and several have attended Dominican,” Daniel says. “They were the ones who recommended I go to Dominican.”

Daniel, who graduated from nearby San Rafael High School, was impressed at how BSB representatives listened to his career business goals and were able to fit him into program that would put him on a path to attaining them.

“When I went to Open House, I was open and honest about what I want to do and they said they could help me,” Daniel says. “They can give me the tool set I need to know how to run an organization from a business aspect.”

It didn’t take Daniel long to realize he made the right choice. An MBA Boot Camp in August immediately challenged him.

“That was eye opening. It gave me the confidence to see I could be the business leader that I aspire to be,” Daniel says. “I have some skills to do that, but I also have some learning to do.”


November 10, 2017