Dominican To-Do List: Visit San Francisco

Emanuel “Manny” Cifuentes-Machado ’19 was the recipient of a Melba Beals Award for Excellence in Diversity this year. He seeking his master's degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs. When asked what he enjoyed most at Dominican on and off campus this is what he said:

Favorite way to spend a weekend in or near Marin: One of the great things about Marin is that it is located near San Francisco. Activities vary from going to the beach to just getting lost and exploring all of the creative arts located throughout the city.

Best place to eat off campus: Theresa & Johnny’s Comfort Food. I always order their Breakfast Burrito.

Best place to study on campus: The Institute for Leadership Studies Conference Room. It is quiet and I am able to spread out on the main conference table.

Best place to hang out in Marin:
Stinson Beach, China Camp, Rodeo Beach. My go-to place to hang out with friends is Marin Headlands. Not only is it very calming, but you also get to see the beauty of the entire Bay.

Defining moment at Dominican/or memory that will stay with you forever: Being honored with the Melba Beal’s Excellence in Diversity Award. This award made me feel accomplished and thankful for the opportunities/skills that I have been able to pursue throughout my time here.

Most inspiring professor: Dr. Denise Lucy. Through her commitment, leadership, and mentorship, I have been able to discover who I am and who I want to be after my time at Dominican.

Advice to a new student: Get as involved as much as you can. The only way you can truly have a fun and memorable experience is if you put yourself out there and join various student organizations. Although it may seem scary, don’t worry about it! You have great student leaders already here on campus that are here to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible.


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July 26, 2019