"Issue Mobile" makes debut in CD16 kickoff celebration

Students, faculty, and staff were invited to participate in an array of on-campus activities and events the week of August 29 as the University prepared to host the inaugural College Debate 2016.

College Debate 2016, which reconvened on September 6 and concluded on September 7, is a first-of-its-kind national initiative created by Dominican to provide approximately 120 college student delegates from throughout the United States a platform to discuss and debate the complex issues facing our country. Dominican is a Voter Education Partner for the Commission on Presidential Debates.

All members of the Dominican community were welcomed to attend a kickoff celebration on August 30 on the Caleruega Plaza. Students were encouraged to visit the CD16 Voter Registration Table and the "Issue Hot Spot" on the plaza the rest of the week.

Students visited the photo/video “Issue Hot Spot” to share their views on the issues of highest concern to young voters this election year. Photos and videos are being posted on the College Debate 2016 Twitter page. The Voter Registration Table offered students an opportunity to register to vote using TurboVote and Dominican's customized TurboVote site: https://dominican.turbovote.org/register.

The August 30 kickoff also featured the debut of the CD16 “Issue Mobile.” The Issue Mobile was an invitation for all students to engage in moving conversations with CD16 faculty fellows in staff-driven golf cart rides across campus. In exchange for a ride, students and faculty fellows talked for a couple of minutes about priority issues to young voters this election year.

Both the Issue Hot Spot and the Voter Registration Table were located on Caleruega Plaza through Thursday, September 1. The Issue Mobile ran all three days, starting and ending at Conlan Center. Students hopped on for rides to and from lunch, class, or the residence halls.

On September 6, College Debate 2016 student delegates arrived at Dominican to develop the College Debate 2016 platform. On September 7, the student delegates finalized their platform and, during a Town Hall meeting in Angelico Concert Hall, presented questions they want the presidential candidates to address. These questions were forwarded to the moderators of the 2016 presidential debates.

For more information about College Debate 2016, visit collegedebate16.org or email [email protected]

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August 25, 2016