Indiana newspaper features CD16 delegate on youth vote

In an interview with the Tribune-Star about the youth vote, College Debate 2016 delegate Shayla Bozdech, a Social Studies Education major at Indiana State University, stresses the importance that her peers become more civic minded.

“And it starts while you’re young,” Shayla told the Terra Haute newspaper. “If you don’t start now, then you might never get involved.”

Shayla has a keen interest in foreign policy. Like other College Debate 2016 delegates, she is listening intently to the presidential candidates and how they plan to address the issues that are significant to young voters.

“I think it is an urgent matter in the upcoming election,” she said in her College Debate 2016 delegate profile.  “The United States has been a great world leader for decades, and I feel we are in a situation where we have the opportunity to change foreign affairs for the better.”

Shayla and more than 130 student delegates will return to the Dominican campus in September for the #CollegeDebate16 town hall meeting. During the town hall, students will agree on the key issues – and very specific questions – for the presidential candidates to address. These questions will be presented to the moderators of the 2016 presidential debates.


August 9, 2016