Humanities student exploring multiple career paths

Lauren Guittard loves to cook and that may explain her recipe for success at Dominican.

She is a senior Humanities and Cultural Studies major with a concentration in Environment, Culture and Sustainability. She is creative, curious, and courageous. She is willing to take chances and accept challenges in her pursuit of a lasting and fulfilling career.

That has inspired Lauren to, among other things, minor in Spanish, study abroad, join the Green Club and cook up a storm on campus where she usually leaves her mark on fundraising bake sales with her healthy homemade snacks.

Currently Lauren is interning and doing research with Antenna Theater, a San Rafael-based group that produces the Ecological calendar, which is sold at national parks and as a science/ecology learning tool in K-8 classrooms.
Lauren is branching out to experience life’s possibilities. That’s what she wanted and expected when she chose to come to Dominican.

“Dominican was one of the few places that encouraged an exploration along the way of getting your education,” Lauren says. “This is where I’m meant to be. This is what I should be doing. It’s exciting and fun.”

Lauren craved the personalized experience Dominican offered, and she desires to do something in line with her values in her pursuit of a career. Before her sophomore year she met with Chase Clow, chair and professor of Humanities at Dominican, and chose her major.

“It’s the broadest discipline you can take on and it still allows for so much crossing over and connection between different areas of study,” Lauren says. “It fits what I want to do.”

Lauren welcomes the challenge and flexibility of exploring any and all interests.

“Lauren has always impressed me with how well she marries her keen intellect with her compassionate heart,” Clow says. “She is highly perceptive and analytic, yet equally reflective and emphatic, which makes her a wonderful expression of Dominican’s highest aims of integration between the four pillars of study, reflection, community, and service.”

Clow helped connect Lauren to an internship with Ecological calendar. The calendar, which is designed for use within the Northern Hemisphere, is published with soy-based inks on Forrest Stewardship Council certified paper. It is marketed more deeply with the natural world to build awareness of seasonable shifts.

“The environment and sustainability will always be a focus in whatever it is I do,” Lauren says. “I really truly believe humans should act as stewards of the planet … It’s important to acknowledge our role and try our best to work toward creating a balance toward sustainability and living in co-existence not just with our fellow human beings but with the planet.”

Lauren’s goal now is to blend her focus on the environment with her passion for cooking. As a freshman, she started baking for friends and classmates in the kitchen in Edgehill Mansion. She is interested now in pursuing  agriculture/permaculture and sustainable and organic methods of farming.

At the same time, Lauren is intrigued by the thought of utilizing her skills and experience to teach English in a Spanish-speaking country. She has participated in Dominican field class trips to Mexico as well as Japan and Paris.

Lauren is wide open to a world of possibilities.

“All of my experiences at Dominican have been worth it. If anything, I have learned there will always be new things to learn,” Lauren says. “I’ve been exposed at Dominican to different ways to learn, different ways to open myself up to new knowledge and new understanding.”