Executive Education program thrives in Barowsky School

In its fifth year, the Executive Education program at Dominican continues to grow and provide leadership, sales and managerial skills for individual and teams. To date, the program has now enrolled more than 500 participants from various counties, hospitals, businesses and organizations.

The program’s offering spans a range of various open enrollment programs to custom program to consulting services, including The Making franco.jpgof Leaders!™ program. It consists of nine one-day sessions over a period of four months, each addressing a key aspect of what it takes to be a leader. Central to the program’s approach is the understanding and acceptance of the differences between being a leader versus being a manager, and that while both are needed, leadership transcends titles and organizational hierarchies.

Led by Franco Vicino, director of Executive Education and Consultant Services, the program is now involved in supporting the battle to combat the California drought and high fire danger.

Among recent enrollees are managers from the Marin Municipal Water District, North Marin Water District and the Marin County Fire Department plus local fire agencies in the county. They were attracted to the Executive Education program’s thoroughness of its curriculum and by its innovation as suggested by the fostering of critical strategic thinking.

“The County was looking at developing a leadership program internally and was actively seeking ideas from other programs. After attending the Dominican program 10 personnel on the beta team felt strongly that creating our own program would not deliver the depth, quality or diversity the program at Dominican offered,” says Jason Weber, Marin County Fire Chief. “We unanimously recommended Dominican’s program to the County Administrative Office and Board.

Drew McIntyre, chief engineer for the North Marin Water District, said he considered an out-of-state program that lasted 11 days, but found that Dominican’s program was much longer and a better value.

The feedback, he said, has been invaluable. A questionnaire completed by co-workers, direct reports and a supervisor identified an area where McIntyre could improve work performance.

“In addition, some of the focused lesson plans have been referred to off and on since I participated in the program in Fall of 2014 to help provide input and guidance on a particular issue,” McIntyre says. “I must also mention that through the program, I developed good working relationships with local peers that have continued to this day.”

Krishna Kumar, general manager of the Marin Municipal Water District, believes his attendees gained advanced leadership skills.

“After learning about the program components from Franco, I could clearly see a fit between what the program offered and what we were looking for.  I particularly liked the hands-on project work,” Kumar says. “The District managers came back with a much better understanding of the business world in general and in particular the emotional aspects of leading a team or teams.  The ability to interact and learn from other Marin County managers – from both the private and public sectors – was a definite plus.”

The Executive Education program was launched in 2010 by the Institute for Leadership Studies at the Barowsky School of Business. The ILS Leadership Certificate 3.0 — The Making of Leaders!™  – was selected  by the United States Marine Corps as the training program for 23 members of its civilian staff on its base at 29Palms, near Palm Springs.


November 9, 2015