Ethics class inspires senior to design Class of 2021 shield

Taylor Andreozzi ‘18 is a Communications major with a minor in Music, yet it was an ethics class that served as the inspiration for her designing the Class of 2021 shield for the 93rd Shield Day.

“I was thinking about things that are relevant in the world right now that we’ve talked about in class,” Taylor says. “I wanted to focus on unity and the fact this generation is so different and it’s important to connect tradition.”

The Class of 2021 shield was presented by Taylor to Freshmen Class Senators Loreto Barroso and Camela Dizon during Shield Day ceremonies on November 20 on Caleruega Dining Hall Plaza.

Shield Day is a beloved tradition at Dominican. Classes in the 1920s began designing shields in honor of and with elements from the original Dominican Shield to celebrate the Dominican heritage. Each fall Dominican seniors welcome the Freshmen Class with the gift of an illustrated shield that reflects an inspirational motto. By custom, the motto helps lead the freshmen throughout their years at Dominican and throughout life.

Each year a senior is selected to design the shield for the Freshmen Class. With help of classmates and Lauren Castro, outgoing Senior Director of Student Engagement, the student designers incorporate elements from the class shield they received when they entered Dominican. Since 1962, artist Ludwig Marent has carved each of the wooden class shields, which are on display in the Shield Room in Caleruega Dining Hall.

Taylor, a Senior Class Senator who took a graphics design class as a sophomore, designed the Class of 2021 shield to incorporate a compass – “You will always find your way back to Dominican and it guides you through the world” – and an eclipse, which she says reflects “a connection with tradition to now.”

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A graduate of Washington High School in Kirkland, WA., Taylor has been a volleyball and lacrosse broadcaster for Penguin Radio and a reporter for Dominican Beat in the Department of Communication and Media Studies. She is also a member of the Dominican Jazz Ensemble in the Department of Music, Dance, and Performing Arts. Taylor is eager to leave a legacy at Dominican after arriving on campus one day before classes started four years ago.

“I like that Dominican is a smaller university and I have been able to take advantage of all the opportunities that come with that,” Taylor says. “It’s exciting to me to be a part of actually making something at this school that will continue on for years.”


November 16, 2017