Environmental chemistry class inspires recent alum to new career

When Victor David ’17 arrived at Dominican, he thought he would one day become a neurosurgeon. One class and one professor helped him change his mind – and follow his heart -- and sent Victor on his way to a new and exciting career.

Victor, now a research associate at the global headquarters of Regenesis in Orange County, discovered his career path once he stepped into Dr. Kenneth Frost’s Environmental Chemistry class as a junior.

“I had decided I did not want to be a doctor, but I didn’t know where to go with my science,” Victor says. “After taking his class, it opened my eyes to a lot of other things that I could do and how to specialize with the skills I had learned. I switched to something I wanted to do personally for myself.”

What Victor learned in the classroom at Dominican quickly transitioned into his role in the Research & Development Department at Regenesis, a company offering remediation professionals a suite of innovative technologies and services to treat a wide range of soil and groundwater contaminants in situ.

“Most of what I learned in environmental chemistry and organic chemistry is what I am applying to my job right now,” Victor says. “It really helped me in the analytical world of chemistry.”

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The opportunity to do research as an underclassmen drew Victor to Dominican. He came upon the recommendation of a fellow friend, a Dominican alum, he met while attending Eleanor Roosevelt High.

In addition to Environmental Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopy was another class in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics that had an impact on Victor at Dominican.

“I liked Dominican because it helped me become myself, and not what people wanted me to be or influenced me to be, but who I was personally,” Victor says. “I had lot of classmates and teachers and advisors who were there for me when I didn’t know what I was going to do. They told me I would find my way.”

By his senior year, Victor was finding his way to meet often with Dr. Frost and Dr. Randall Hall, the Dr. Lillian L.Y. Wang Yin Endowed Professor in Chemistry at Dominican. Victor found support and guidance.

“I went to their offices two or three times a week, and not just about school, but what was going on in my life. That was a highlight,” Victor says. “Strong men like that in your life as a young man was something that I needed.”

The experience of internships in college and job interviews after graduation helped prepare Victor for the hiring process at Regenesis.
 “It was my turn to pick to what I wanted to do instead of them picking me,” Victor says. “It allows me to see how chemistry is applied environmentally, which is something I want to do in my life. I think it’s the perfect fit for me.”


February 2, 2018