Double major interning with national retailer in NYC

Lilly Fuhrman ’17 is a double major in Communications and Graphic Art and she applied her knowledge and passion for both majors last summer during her internship with the Anthropologie Company in New York City.

Lilly entered Dominican as a Communications and Media Studies major in the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. An art class during her freshmen year inspired her to seek a second major. An immersion trip to Uganda before her sophomore year convinced her to act on her instinct.

“That Ugandan experience allowed me to come out of my comfort zone,” she says. “That really propelled me to try other things and take on the art major.”

Another trip – her Dominican study abroad program experience to Italy during the fall 2015 semester – was another aha moment. It reaffirmed the benefits of being a double major and her pursuit of blending her visual communication and marketing skills into a career in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

“Milan is just a huge epicenter for business and fashion and creativity all rolled into one,” she says. “It made me even further invested in my majors.”

When Lilly hasn’t been walking to classes or traveling the world at Dominican, she has served as a Student Ambassador and engaged in internships and part-time jobs at Chamberlain Public Relations, Freda Salvador and Anthropologie that match her career interests. She was elated when she learned in May of 2016 that she had won a $5,000 Robin Pryor Stipend for Internship Support, an annual gift from a Dominican alumna and donor. Robin earned her BA in Art History in 1994 and her MA in Humanities in 1998 and values the importance of internships and the positive impact they may have.

In New York, Lilly lived on the NYU campus and took the subway to work five days a week learning the ins and outs of corporate retail fashion. The professionalism and poise she acquired through mock interviews in communications class and the knowledge she gained in classes for art history, graphics and design and magazine layout had her well prepared for her summer internship.

June 13, 2016