Dominican University of California Offers Assistance to Gulf Coast Residents

Dominican University of California, a private liberal arts university located in Marin County, is offering admission, accommodation, and scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students from the San Francisco Bay Area who are enrolled in universities affected by Hurricane Katrina.

“Campus administration has met several times in the past 24 hours to determine the best way we can help students suffering as a result of this unprecedented natural disaster,” said Joseph R. Fink, president of Dominican University of California.

“We believe that the best way we can help is to enable students to continue with their education in this time of need.”

Pending course availability, students will be able to enroll in fall 2005 classes at the University, which offers 30 undergraduate majors and more than a dozen graduate degree programs.

Dominican University of California will add 30 beds in its residence halls for students displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The University is contacting local alumni in order to arrange temporary accommodation for students arriving from the Gulf Coast.

In addition, Dr. Fink has sent a memo to campus faculty and staff telling them that the University will grant leave with pay for up to two weeks to any individuals wishing to volunteer with the American Red Cross in affected Gulf Coast states.

Meanwhile, the ASDU student government is collecting funds for hurricane victims. The Civic Leaders Group is going door-to-door on campus asking students for donations for hurricane victims.