Students participate in global learning course in Mexico

Fourteen Dominican nursing and occupational therapy students have returned from Mexico after participating in the Merida study abroad course, a four-week pilot program that combined intensive Spanish language immersion training instruction with community fieldwork.

The partnership was facilitated through Dominican’s Global Education Office (GEO).

The Global Learning program offered Dominican students opportunities to observe and experience Mexican health care from a clinical perspective.  It also included lectures five days per week from leading medical researchers in the areas of Public Health, Gerontology, Epidemiology/HIV-AIDS and Rehabilitation.

Students were hosted by Dominican exchange partner Universidad Anahuac, which arranged for housing at university dormitories, clinical visits and cultural excursions to the Mayan archeological ruins, Flamingo sanctuary, and underground swimming holes (cenote). Students received three units credit towards Spanish for Health Professionals.

The highlight of the trip was the opportunity to visit CRIT – Children’s Rehabilitation Center Yucatan. This center recently opened in the state of Yucatan and serves nearly 1,500 children with developmental and rehabilitation issues.  Dominican nursing and occupational therapy students observed and assisted alongside Mexican nurses, physical and occupational therapists providing rehabilitation care to developmentally disabled children.

Dominican students participating in the Merida course were nursing students Gabrielle Javier, Kristen Alan, Herrick John Hernandez, Josini Machathil, Diego Navarro, Monika Neuweiler, Anna Rana, Jessica Salinas, Melissa Veloria, Marichelle Teng, Megin Tonelli and Teresa Vega plus occupational graduate students Joey Bava and Andrea Sosa. They were accompanied by Dominican faculty members Ellen Christiansen from the Department of Nursing and Ruth Ramsey from the Department of Occupational Therapy.

GEO is focused advancing Global Learning at Dominican by promoting high-impact, academically rigorous and financially feasible opportunities abroad.  All GEO programs deepen students’ knowledge of: inter-cultural competence, global interconnectivity, global social responsibility and applying theory to practice.