Leadership certificate program earns award recognition

The “Making of Leaders” certificate program in Dominican’s Institute for Leadership Studies (ILS), in partnership with County of Marin Department of Human Resources, has been named Honorable Mention in the second annual Innovation Recognition awards, also known as the INNY Awards, sponsored by the Marin County Board of Supervisors.

The recognition is modeled after a California State Association of Counties program and rewards employees who innovate and adapt in rapidly changing work environments. The Marin Community Foundation donated funds to seed the INNYAwards.

Directed by Dr. Franco Vicino, “The Making of Leaders” is designed for those seeking to take charge, use new strategies to lead in tough economic times, and tangibly contribute to the achievement of an organization’s goals. Dominican collaborated with Marin County’s Department of Human Resources to create the Leadership Academy, an 11-session, accredited program that assists participants in building their leadership skills and increasing their capacity for leadership throughout the county.

“This project represents an innovative collaboration between local government and academia to build a new generation of leaders at all levels of the county organization,” says Joanne Peterson, Director of Human Resources. “The leadership program has been particularly unique in its inclusion of `leaders at large’ - developing leaders across the county who are not yet in formal leadership positions.”

Participants are assigned to project groups at the beginning of the program and are responsible for leading change within their spheres of influence. Through coordination with coaches, executive sponsors and county executives, teams contribute to the organization during and after graduation by recommending and implementing sustainable systems that address opportunities for development within the organization.

“What is extra special is that the INNY Awards as a program of the county was designed by the first graduating class of our Leadership Institute as the Project Leadership Return on Investment project,” says Dr. Denise Lucy, Executive Director of the ILS in Dominican’s Barowsky School of Business. “Marin County sends 30 of its team each fall to Dominican, and has graduated 146 participants, plus 600 staff who took our one day workshop on Emotional Intelligence.  We also have done several organization development projects to help them in team development and culture development.”

Three classes have graduated from “The Making of Leaders” program thus far; Spring 2012, Fall 2012, and Fall 2013. Plans for the Fall 2014 Academy are underway.

For more information about “The Makings of Leaders” program, call 415-482-2480 or visit www.dominican.edu/leadershipcertificate.