Dominican Filipino club stages disaster relief fundraisers

Kapamilya, the Filipino-American student organization at Dominican, organized a pair of disaster relief effort fundraisers in November to aid victims of the catastrophic typhoon in the Philippines.

The first one, as part of Multicultural Day festivities at Dominican, was Nov. 13 in front of Caleruega Dining Hall. Kapamilya club members accepted money and goods during lunchtime.

On Nov,. 15, Kapamilya DUC accepted monetary donations, canned goods, clothing, shoes, blankets, etc. at "Pakitaan" at the Pa'ina Lounge, 1865 Post Street; in San Francisco. Admission was $5 with 40 percent of the proceeds going to victims of the October earthquake and typhoon in the Philippines.

Dominican has approximately 80 members in Kapamilya, which means “family” in Filipino.  The club’s goal is to explore the identity, culture and significance of Filipinos worldwide – both socio-politically and historically.

For more information on Dominican’s relief efforts or Kapamilya, please contact Ria Aquino, president of Dominican's club, at or campus minister Lianni Castro, Kapamilya adviser, at 415-482-3569 or