Assistant provost appears in "Big History" TV series

On November 2, cable network H2 (the History Channel) debut a 10-hour series narrated by Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston called Big History.

Several of the episodes, including the November 2 pilot, feature insight and commentary by Assistant Provost Mojgan Behmand, founding director of the "Big History" program at Dominican University of California.

Big History kick offs each episode with an iconic topic, including the Great Pyramids, the Titanic or the American Revolution, and then weave in insight and evidence from astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, history, anthropology and economics.

In all, the series will span 13.7 billion years, and in its two-hour finale, the puzzle pieces from the 16 half-hour episodes promise to reveal a unifying link.

Dominican is the only U.S. university to require that all freshmen take a one-year course sequence in "Big History." In this unique first year experience program, freshmen explore the origins and evolution of the universe in an interactive, multi-disciplinary course based on "Big History." Throughout the year, students will gain a greater understanding of today’s issues by studying the many links between nature and humankind.

"Big History" is an emerging academic discipline that provides a unifying overview of the history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the present day. "Big History" synthesizes history, astronomy, chemistry, biology, geology, sociology, and other fields to provide a cohesive picture, to scale, of the history of the human race and its relationship to the planet.

Dominican's "Big History" program promotes critical and creative thinking while teaching students the personal, communal, and political implications of the "Big History" story.