Community-focused graduate student balances professional, personal life

Rosie De Alvarez, winner of this year's Spirit of Marin Award, is a master of multitasking. She’s a Law Enforcement officer, a graduate student, a community leader, a civil rights advocate, and a mother of two young children.

Rosie’s Dominican Experience is supporting her desire to transform both individuals and communities. Her professors are supporting her ability to balance both her professional and personal life.

“All my professors have had a positive impact on me. Every single one of them has done something or said something that truly hit home,” says Rosie, who started her Practicum for the Marriage and Family Therapy concentration last summer as a Clinician Trainee for Catholic Charities.

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Rosie serves as a Senior Deputy Probation Officer in the County of Marin’s Juvenile Division, where she has immersed herself in some of the Department’s most challenging assignments. She also serves as a task force officer for the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Child Exploitation and Abduction Unit, and is credited as a major contributor to the county’s efforts to address human trafficking.

Rosie enrolled in the School of Education and Counseling Psychology to gain a better understand of the population she serves.

“The Counseling Psychology Department has helped me appreciate the dynamic of families, their backgrounds, and the attachments they have in ways that I was not focused on before,” she says.

Along the way, she has honed leadership skills that are critical to her work and her advocacy.

“What I learned in the program has allowed me to put my leadership skills at the forefront, especially when it comes to equity and cultural awareness,” Rosie says. “I have learned more about myself and how to draw on my strengths to overcome my weaknesses.”

This year Rosie, who also serves as Chair of the Marin County Organization of Latino Employees and President of the Marin chapter of the National Latino Peace Officers, was named a Spirit of Marin Award by the Marin County Chambers of Commerce. The award is presented to leading citizens and businesses for outstanding achievements that exemplify a professional and civic commitment that significantly benefits the community. Rosie added this honor to her list of accomplishments, which includes Marin County Employee of the Year for 2017.

May 1, 2017