CD16 delegate inspired by study abroad experience

Having recently returned to Dominican from her study abroad experience in France and Eastern Europe, Tegist Worku ’17 believes she can offer a fresh perspective as a College Debate 2016 delegate.

“There’s too much fear globally. That’s what I see,” says the senior Political Science major. “When you fear someone, you don’t really want to sit down and talk with them. We can’t sit down and think logically. That’s why I’m glad to be a College Debate 16 delegate. Let’s talk about the issues and see what we can do about them instead of saying ‘`you’re wrong’ and that’s it.”

Tegist, who is minoring in business, spent six months studying at Dominican's partner school in Poitiers, France ESCEM as a Dominican Semester Abroad student after utilizing a Barowsky School of Business Travel Stipend during the spring. She traveled throughout Europe, observing cultures and engaging in conversation.  She came away with the impression that foreigners are puzzled by the angry bantering among America’s two major political parties over issues such as gun control and racism.

As a College Debate 2016 delegate, Tegist, who emigrated from Ethiopia at the age of seven, wants to address foreign policy, civil rights, immigration, and education.

“I’ve always wanted to have a voice in politics,” says Tegist, past president of the Black Student Union at Dominican. “This is a way for me to a part of the presidential election.”

CD16 is just another step in Tegist’s political journey.

Last summer, in 2015, Tegist received a Paul Findley Fellowship and interned in Washington, D.C. at the National Council on U.S.-Arab relations. She conducted research in the Syrian American Medical Society and attended biweekly seminars featuring professionals within the Foreign Service and foreign policy sector. The internship also included site visits to such places as the National Counter-Terrorism Center, Islamic Center, Saudi Arabian and Bahrain Embassies and the State Department.


August 31, 2016