CD 16 delegate creates #DearFuturePresident video

Inspired by her College Debate 2016 training experience at Dominican in June, student delegate Victoria Grijalva Ochoa returned to Arizona State University and created a video.

The video – #DearFuturePresident – was produced and edited by Victoria, a journalism major, and focused on students and friends her age and the issues they would ask the presidential candidates to address during their campaigns this fall.

“Politics impact real life and the fact that College Debate 16 is trying to engage young voters – people who are usually left out of the conversation – was really interesting to me,” Victoria says.  “Plus it’s a non-partisan initiative, which is very important to me, especially coming from a journalism background.”

For the video, Victoria, a Vote Everywhere Ambassador for The Andrew Goodman Foundation, recruited nearly 40 students on the ASU campus and friends in her hometown to lend their voices to the political issues that matter most to them. What students she couldn’t film herself, Victoria had them send their video recordings to her.  She said the non-partisan project took about a month before she posted it on social media.

“There’s been a very positive reaction,” Victoria says. “People are excited to see young voters engaged in what we are currently seeing in the political elections.”

Victoria and more than 130 other delegates will return to the Dominican campus in September for the #CollegeDebate16 town hall meeting. During the town hall, students will agree on the key issues – and very specific questions – for the presidential candidates to address. These questions will be presented to the moderators of the 2016 presidential debates.

Until then, Victoria will continue to seek out students on her campus to voice their opinion about issues.

“I want them to be more willing to engage, despite the negative connotations that politics have,” Victoria says. “We are trying to get policy talk, but right now we’re just getting a lot of controversial statements.”


August 9, 2016