Teacher shortage: Dominican extends application deadline

In response to the current shortage of public school teachers in Marin and throughout the Bay Area, Dominican has extended its application deadline for candidates interested in the teaching credential program. The University is accepting applications up until August 22. In addition, Dominican is prepared for expedited review of applications.

Please CLICK HERE to submit an application.

Among the highlights of the teaching credential program:

  • Students have the option completing their credential in 1 to 2 years.
  • Classes are in evenings and hybrid online.
  •  We offer two fieldworks to choose from. Program Options:
  1.  Internship Program: intended for candidates who are currently teaching and wish to obtain a teacher credential. Complete in 3-4 semester period (depending on credential program). Important Note: This program requirement is separate from entering the teacher preparation program. Entering the credential program will not automatically enroll you in the internship program.
  2. Student Teaching: candidates engage in professional coursework and field experience in area schools, and continue with professional coursework and full-time student teaching under the supervision of experienced teachers.

  • We offer multiple credential options:
  1. Multiple Subject (35 units) – elementary level.
  2. Single Subject (35 units) – middle school and high school level.
  3. Education Specialist: Mild/Moderate Preliminary Credential (41 units).
  4. Dual Program – Multiple/Ed-Specialist and/or Single/Ed-Specialist (49 units).

  • MS degrees can be earned in combination with a preliminary credential or as an independent program of study.
  • Students enrolled in Dominican's preliminary credential preparation programs may earn a MS degree through completion of an additional 15 unit program.

For more information, please contact Xochitl-Cristina Fiero, graduate and adult admissions counselor, (415) 257-1376 , [email protected]


August 1, 2016