Business school graduate applies study abroad experience to LinkedIn

Upon graduating from Dominican, Cody Bernstein ’16 entered the Business Leadership Program at LinkedIn, before transitioning in 2017 into a full-time sales position then being promoted in July of 2018 to SMB Account Executive in LinkedIn Sales Solutions. He did so with a new outlook and purpose, thanks to a study abroad experience to Italy in the fall of 2015.

“I can tailor my experience at LinkedIn to making an impact here in the United States, but also abroad. Something here can directly impact Italy, as well other emerging economies around the world,” said Cody, a business administration major who spent five months studying in Milan. “I now have a different perspective on global business problems.”

Being at LinkedIn gives Cody an outlet to pursue that challenge. It also reunited him with his older brother, Jake ’15, who is now an Account Executive for LinkedIn Learning, formerly Jake joined LinkedIn’s Business Leadership Program as a Global Sales Associate in 2014, after serving an internship there.

Cody, witnessing Jake in his element at LinkedIn, was anxious to follow his brother’s footsteps.

“Once I saw what his work life was like, I told myself I’m not going to work anywhere less than that,” said Cody, who is now a Sales Development Representative, selling all four of LinkedIn's business lines. “Jake got the Super Bowl of jobs. I immediately thought of goals I needed to achieve to get there, too.”

An All-American high school lacrosse player from Kirkland, Wash., Cody joined Jake at Dominican as a student-athlete. Cody was named Western Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association Player of the Year in NCAA Division II, and has continued playing lacrosse at Dominican as a club sport.

At the same time, Cody’s academic career has soared, beginning with Professor Rajeev Sooreea’s international business class in the Barowsky School of Business.

“Once I took his class, I realized things in the global business world are happening so quickly, and the dramatic changes creating so many opportunities have largely come during the last 20 years,” Cody said. Cody applied that lesson to his study abroad experience through Dominican’s Global Education Office. Then he applied it to LinkedIn’s Business Leadership Program where, in July of 2016, he began work alongside recent college graduates from universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Duke.

It was a big step for Cody, and he was prepared for it.

“There is nothing that’s stopping someone from a smaller university like Dominican to do just that,” he said.


April 30, 2016