Bring it to The Table film opens College Debate 2016

Bring it to The Table, a multi-media project that unites citizens around issues and across party lines, opened Dominican University of California’s College Debate 2016 on June 2 with special presentation in Guzman Lecture Hall.

Award-winning filmmaker Julie Winokur screened the Bring It to The Table documentary and trained about 130 student delegates from across the United States at College Debate 2016. Following the screening, Winokur spoke with delegates about bridging political divides, examining assumptions, and engaging in civil discourse.

During the Table Talks, delegates will discuss pressing national issues, learn how to ask open questions and listen well to others, and reflect upon their own attitudes and behaviors. The students will be encouraged to speak their minds openly and authentically while learning how to communicate better, especially with those with opposing views.

The delegates convened on the Dominican campus June 1-2 and began the process of planning and organizing events and activities on their campuses using social media to catalyze discussions among young voters about the issues that are salient for American youth.

Dominican is hosting the first ever College Debate 2016, a forum to engage young Americans in the electoral process so that they will be inspired to vote. The Commission on Presidential Debates – the nonpartisan organization that produces debates for the presidential and vice presidential candidates – designated Dominican as a Voter Education Partner.

Throughout the summer, delegates will continue the conversation via social media with special attention to events, such as the final primaries and the Republican and Democratic Party Conventions in July. Throughout this initiative, the emphasis is on issues rather than partisan politics using the multiplier effect of peer-to-peer contact via social media to engage, inform, and influence the youth vote.

In September, the delegates will return to the Dominican campus for the 2016 College Convention. The culminating event – a moderated Town Hall – will be live streamed to delegates’ colleges and universities, which will host viewing parties on each of their campuses.

Bring it to The Table is a participatory online platform, a civic engagement campaign, a 40-minute documentary film, and a series of webisodes aimed at bridging political divides and elevating the national conversation. Bring It to The Table encourages Americans to stop bickering about politics, examine their own assumptions, and truly engage in civil discourse to help move our democracy forward.Bring It to The Table is a project of Talking Eyes Media, an award-winning media company whose work has appeared in National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and on Good Morning America, CNN, Discovery, MSNBC, and PBS stations nationwide.

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May 27, 2016