LINES Ballet BFA in Dance alumna makes Broadway debut

Only weeks after dancing in the premier of an Alicia Keys music video, Anna Noble ’11 got the call she had been waiting for. In October of last year, she began rehearsals for the Broadway musical revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s "Carousel."

“This a dream come true,” Anna said before she made her Broadway debut on April 12. “I will be in a place where I can do what I love and perform for audiences almost every night.”

After graduating Cum Laude from LINES Ballet BFA in Dance program, Anna has persevered in a professional career that has taken her from Maine to California to Norwegian Cruise Line’s Escape to appearing in a video with a Grammy award winning artist. Now Anna has launched a career on Broadway.

The journey began in Hartford, Connecticut where Anna grew up. She first heard about Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet before she became a high school student at the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City.

“Alonzo King’s name in dance is large,” Anna says. “I grew up in strict ballet school and Alonzo King is known in the ballet world for contemporary ballet. I remember someone telling me about him and about his LINES Ballet developing a partnership with a college.”

That was Dominican, which launched its BFA in Dance program in 2006 in the School of Liberal Arts and Education. Anna applied to five schools, and Dominican was the first to reach out to her.

“I felt so much love from them. It felt like it was a done deal,” Anna says. “Coming to Dominican was a blessing … it was not scary at all for me coming from the east coast. I thought it was going to be an adventure. I wanted to be a part of something new.”

At Dominican, Anna said she discovered GYROKINESIS® exercise methodologies and the “gift of choreography,” attributes she applies to her career as a freelance performing artist, dancer, teacher, and choreographer. Her goal was to be well-rounded.

“I always knew I was going to dance. Period. No matter what anyone told me, that was going to happen,” Anna says. “I came to Dominican to learn. I was full out in the moment of whatever I could soak up.”

She learned well, embracing the timing and technique she was taught.

“Alonzo King and all the teachers there were geniuses,” Anna says. “The style of ballet they teach is that you’re not a robot. You’re a 3-dimensional thinking, feeling, and spiritual being. That in a nutshell is what LINES is about.”

The LINES/BFA in Dance experience propelled Anna into a professional career that led her to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and currently New York City. It included performing in a musical at sea (with Norwegian) and on land where this past summer she was the featured dancer for Ragtime at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Maine.

Then came her big break. Through her agency, McDonald’s Selznick Associates (MSA), Anna auditioned for and was chosen for a dance scene in the new Alicia Keys’ music video “One Love.” Anna was paired with a high school classmate, Tislarn Bouie, when the shooting took place in Brooklyn. She waited about a year before the video was released in September.

 “As a dancer it was a great milestone for me to be attached to a famous name and be in a music video because I want to do everything. Overall I want to be a performer who can be hired for anything in arts.”

About two weeks after the video came out, Anna received a call-back for Carousel.

  “You have to develop this peace of mind where it’s like anything can happen. You have to prepare yourself and do the best you can,” Anna says. “This is not going to be the highlight of my career. This is a springboard. What’s next? That’s always how I feel.”


Photo credit: Steven Shea


October 23, 2017