Shield Day tradition bonds senior and freshmen classes

Beginning when they were roommates in Meadowlands Hall as freshmen, Sophia De Quattro ’16 and Isabel Cremer ’16 learned the significance of Shield Day at Dominican.

So, when they were selected as seniors to design a shield for the incoming freshmen class, they drew on their four-year experience to easily develop the theme for the 2019 Class Shield.


“The inspiration for this was to continue the legacy that the Senior Class of 2013 left for us and we wanted to leave the freshmen class with something they could be proud of and relate to as well,” says Sophia, an Honors Communication and Media Studies major. “We think that everything that the shield symbolizes will hold true and touch them in the deepest part of their hearts.”

The centerpiece visual for the Freshmen Class Shield is an overarching willow tree. Isabel, a Business Administration major who also is pursuing a minor in Studio Art, thinks that is representative of their adventure at Dominican.

“There’s so much growth during our four years,” Isabel says. “It’s not like night and day. It’s more like a tree and it continues to grow and evolve. It’s so exciting that you are going to stay with these people for four years and you don’t realize how much of your lives will intertwine … It’s not just about growing. It’s taking that growth and making the most of it.”

The Class of 2019 Shield was unveiled on Friday at the 91st Annual Shield Day Gala in the newly renovated Meadowlands Assembly Hall starting at 1 p.m. The traditional Shield Day ceremony kicked-off Family Weekend 2015 at Dominican. Isabel served as emcee for the ceremony and Sophia presented the 2019 Class Shield to freshmen representatives Singa Danle and Eddie Martinez.

Brandon Davis '06, Associate Director of Athletics for Communications and Game Operation, was keynote speaker,

Shield Day is a beloved tradition at Dominican. Classes in the 1920s began designing shields in honor of and with elements from the original Dominican Shield to celebrate the Dominican heritage.

Each fall Dominican seniors welcome the Freshmen Class with the gift of an illustrated shield that reflects an inspirational motto.  By custom, the motto helps lead the freshmen throughout their years at Dominican and throughout life.

Each year a senior is selected to design the shield for the Freshmen Class. With help of classmates and Lauren Castro, Director of Student Activities and Leadership, the student designers incorporate elements from the class shield they received when they entered Dominican. Since 1962, local artist Ludwig Marent has carved each of the wooden class shields, which are on display in the Shield Room in Caleruega Dining Hall and in Guzman Lecture Hall.

October 16, 2015