Barowsky Associate Dean attends White House event

Barowsky School of Business Associate Dean Dr. Jayati Ghosh was invited to represent Dominican at a White House event focused on expanding opportunity for women in business.

The White House Working Families Business Schools Convening brought together the business community and about 50 business schools from throughout the United States earlier this month. 

 The Convening examined recruiting, training, and retaining leaders for the 21st-century workplace and the importance of implementing policies that work for families. The White House event featured panel discussions and breakout sessions for participants to share their best practices that generate business leaders of tomorrow who are prepared for the ever-changing work force.

  “I am honored to be asked to contribute to the important discussion about new ideas to support families and retain future leaders in the workforce,” Ghosh said. “Barowsky School faculty are working on several initiatives that are consistent with the issues we discussed at the Convening. Our focus is to provide multiple opportunities to all of our students so they are well prepared to lead in the workplace.”

 Barowsky School initiatives are focused on educating students to enter a diverse workforce, increasing access to global study, developing effective career planning skills, promoting lifelong career development, expanding access to internships, and establishing a mentorship program for all students that will continue beyond graduation.

 “The Barowsky School prepares all of our students for professional success with practical support, skills training, and self-assessment tools,” Ghosh said. “We also assist students in developing effective career planning skills to achieve their career goals and promote lifelong career development.”

August 7, 2015