Veronica Hefner, PhD

As a teacher-scholar, Veronica explores the uses and effects of traditional and digital media within the contexts of interpersonal relationships and body image. 


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, PhD, Communication

Research Interests

Veronica has investigated the intersection between media consumption and related interpersonal and health effects with a number of studies, including romantic comedy viewing and endorsement of romantic ideals, the use of digital and online media and the propensity to compulsively exercise or engage in disordered eating, and online dating and reports of romantic beliefs.  

Honors and Awards

Veronica has earned grants to explore these topics such as the effect of gay-related social media content on beliefs and behaviors among online users, and the effects of viewing romantic comedies on beliefs, mood, and satisfaction. She has also earned a Top Paper award at the National Communication Association.

Contact Information