Mary B. Sevigny, PhD

Mary has been teaching at Dominican University since 2006. Prior to that, she was an adjunct instructor at Napa Valley College and a postdoctoral researcher at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Francisco. Her strong desire to carry out cancer research began when she was in elementary school (5th grade, to be precise). However, over the years she has grown equally passionate about the plethora of fascinating and vital microbes that envelope us all, and she tries to ignite in her students that same passion for both microbes and research. Over the years, Mary has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses, including Microbiology, Immunology, Advanced Molecular Biotechnology, Molecular Diagnostics, and Research Methodology. From Fall 2013 through Spring 2019, Mary was also the director of the newly launched CLS Master’s Program— a professional master’s program which she helped develop.


UC Davis, PhD, Microbiology
UC Berkeley, BA, Molecular and Cell Biology, emphasis in Microbiology

Research Interests

Prostanoids are hormone-like chemicals that play a pivotal role in various physiological processes, such as inflammation. A major enzyme involved in the prostanoid synthesis pathway is cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), whose overexpression has been found to be associated with several pathological conditions, including cancer. Mary’s lab focuses on how COX-2 may affect cancer cell development at the molecular and cellular level.

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