Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Dominican is committed to making your academic experience meaningful and successful, which also includes your health and wellness.

Notice:  Information regarding the 2022-23 SHIP will be sent to your student email on June 23, 2022 if you are a registered full-time student for the fall semester.  The open enrollment and waiver timeline for the policy covering Aug. 15, 2022-Aug. 14, 2023 begins on July 7 and ends on September 1.

To ensure you have access to health care while attending Dominican, it is required that select students have health insurance as a condition of enrollment. The University has partnered with First Student to offer a comprehensive policy.

You are required to have health insurance as a condition of enrollment if you are a: 

  • Full-time undergraduate student (taking 12 or more units) 
  • Full-time graduate student (taking eight or more units)
  • Degree-seeking international student

View a summary of the plan at First Student.

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Fees

Please note —  A charge for the Dominican Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) will be added to your student account and will appear on your fall bill each semester if you are in one of the above named student groups.

The cost for the SHIP is $2,691 per year for undergraduates and $3,413 for graduate students. 

Opting Out — How to Waive SHIP

If you already have insurance and do not need to be enrolled in SHIP, you must show proof of comparable coverage (for example, parent’s employer plan, private insurance) to waive the plan and have the insurance fee removed from your student account. 

If you do not show proof of comparable coverage by September 1, 2022 (see below) the SHIP charges will remain on your account and you will be held accountable for all associated charges.

Please note —  The Business Services Office cannot process your insurance waiver.  This must be done through First Student. After your waiver is received by First Student and approved, the cost for SHIP will be removed from your DUC account within two weeks.


Beginning July 7, 2022, waiver submissions will be accepted online via First Student. First Student will provide instructions and deadline reminders to students starting July 7. Waivers will only be accepted through September 1, 2022.

Please note that the Business Services Office (BSO) can not waive insurance requirements or fees associated with SHIP. Requests for insurance waivers needs to go through First Student; they will forward your approved request to the BSO to remove the charge for SHIP.

If you don’t waive the insurance plan, you will automatically be enrolled in the school-sponsored health insurance plan and the charge will remain on your student account. 

Our Student Health Insurance Plan for August 15, 2022-August 14, 2023 will again be with United HealthCare, a nationally recognized carrier offering a large network of providers and a comprehensive benefit plan that is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

This plan features: 

  • Unlimited benefits and no pre-existing exclusions
  • No cost telemedicine visits 
  • Annual deductibles: $250 in-network and $600 out-of-network
  • Coverage at 80% in-network & 60% out-of-network
  • Preventive care services with no deductibles, copays, or coinsurance (in-network only)
  • Students will be able to locate providers whether at home, school, or throughout the country through the United Healthcare Choice Plus network
  • Retail and mail order prescription drug coverage
  • Worldwide travel assistance including medical evacuation, repatriation
  • Wellness discounts including vision and dental
  • SilverCloud Health: online digital mental health platform

To enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan, you must be an undergraduate student with 12 or more units or a graduate student with 8 or more units to be eligible for the SHIP.

Complete the enrollment form on First Student by August 1 to ensure your coverage is in place on the effective date, August 15. If the form is not completed by this date, you may experience a delay in your ability to receive medical services or fill a prescription.

The full-year costs for the SHIP are $2,691 for undergraduates and $3,414 for graduate students. The charge for health insurance will be broken out by semester, posted to your student account, and payable with your fall and spring term tuition bill. The charge will remain until such time that you complete an online waiver form on First Student demonstrating proof of comparable coverage.  

For more information about the Student Health Insurance Plan, please visit First Student to access plan materials to assist you in making your insurance decision. 

Please consider your coverage options carefully. While a parent’s employer plan may provide adequate benefits close to home, HMO and PPO restrictions may limit coverage in the local area. The SHIP can cover these gaps and the high cost of deductibles in employer plans. 

If you have specific questions about the SHIP, please contact the Student Health Center. Any questions related to your DUC student account should be directed to the Business Service Office at


Please visit the First Student help center page. 

Please review the FAQs and plan information on the First Student page.